How to Write a Christmas Movie

in 21 Days

With Isabel Dréan

    In this three-hour class, I'll share my proven techniques for writing a successful Christmas movie in a fraction of the time it usually takes. From outlining to writing to polishing your script, you'll learn the essential steps for crafting a script that's both fast and marketable.


    The "How to Write a Christmas Movie in 21 Days" Masterclass was very informative. Isabel is a skilled instructor who genuinely cares about helping screenwriters rise to her level of success. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in writing Christmas movies, or anyone who wants to learn how to write any genre of script more quickly and proficiently. The methods she shares would be helpful to writers at any skill level.

    -Jo Garett (Screewriter)

    "AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you to Isabel Dréan for the "How to Write a Christmas Movie in 21 Days" Masterclass. Your formula and insights are gold! ❤️ For all those who have ever wanted to write a screenplay or experienced screenwriters who may be stuck, Isabel's formula will get you on your path. 🎬"

    -Chelsey Mark (March Class)

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the 21 day Christmas writing class! She not only made us aware of the current market for Christmas films, she broke down in a very creative and executable way how we can use her system to write Christmas screenplay in a quick amount of time and not get stuck. I learned a lot and feel confident I can complete a Christmas script (well any script now!) in a reasonable amount of time!"

    -M. Evans (Writer-Director)

    "The class was very informative. I love Isabel’s approach and honesty. She’s a wealth of knowledge and I learned a lot. —

    - Kadesha P. (April Class)

    "Isabel is SO confident and has a different view of the world than many. She is honest and wants to help other writers!"

    - Gilda, P (April Class)

    Isabel Drean's Workshop was extremely informative. I highly recommend her Workshop to any screenwriter, no matter what stage you are in with your screenwriting endeavors. Isabel is experienced and has developed her own innovative method of screenwriting. She has a wealth of knowledge from her own success which she is generous to share with her students. Isabel is refreshingly honest about the industry and sincerely wants to help other screenwriters reach their goals.

    — Anji C.

    "Great, detailed information. I would recommend this class to anybody wanting a solid grasp of screenplay structure and an understanding of the current market."

    - Julia Bergeron (Writer-Director)

    "I am so thankful to Isabel for hosting this very informative workshop. It was a prayer answered. I appreciate her mindset towards her work, and the practical and tactical approach toward achieving success in my screenwriting goals!"

    - Participant (April Class)

    Do yourself a favour and enroll in Isabel's class if you aspire to stand out in a crowded field.

    - Vivien (Australia)

    "Her knowledge and insight into the industry was invaluable. I think it's necessary information for anyone to have before they try writing Christmas movies."

    - Participant

    "Isabel knows the genre extremely well and gives a great overall view into what it takes create for this market to become a working writer."

    - Participant (March Class)

    This masterclass was well organized and presented. Everything was relevant to what I need to know about writing a Christmas movie, and selling it. Isabel has a very engaging way about her that made the workshop entertaining and enjoyable. A lot of information was given but with her touches of humor and specific examples of her experiences, the time flew by. I definitely recommend this masterclass.

    — Bev Irwin (Writer)

    Isabel Drean's masterclass helped me understand the structure of holiday stories that producers are actually looking for. It confirmed the value of lo-tech yellow writing pads and file cards. It taught me a quick writing technique that is transferable from one genre to another. Most of all, the class showed me that writing "within the box" is probably the most "out of the box" approach I could take to improve my plot points and visual storytelling. Isabel is a generous teacher-mentor with a great sense of humor and a great presentation style. With her many tips about strategic time management for writers, I'd recommend her classes to anyone who's serious about pushing their scriptwriting skills to a whole new level.

    - Participant (March Class)